Partisipasi SIswi SMAN 2 Sidoarjo dalam XXX Olympic Games 2012

Berdasarkan surat konfirmasi dari International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) tanggal 18 Juni 2012 perihal quota 1 orang atlet menembak Indonesia pada "XXX Olympic Games 2012" memberitahukan bahwa Pengurus Besar Perbakin akan mengikutsertakan Atlet dan Pelatih :

NAMA : Diaz Kusumawardani
Kelas : XII
Sekolah : SMAN 2 Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur 

dalam kejuaraan "XXX Olympic Games 2012" di London, Inggris pada tanggal 22 Juli s/d 15 Agustus 2012

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Info : Pembekalan Peserta OSN SMA Tahun 2011

Dalam rangka keberangkatan kontingen Jawa Timur menuju OSN (Olimpiade Sains Nasional) SMA Tahun 2011 yang akan dilaksanakan pada tanggal 11 s.d. 16 September 2011 di Manado, Sulawesi Utara. Dinas Pendidikan Provinsi Jawa Timur melalui Bidang Pendidikan Menengah Pertama dan Pendidikan Menengah Atas (PMP dan PMA), akan mengadakan Pembekalan Peserta OSN SMA Tahun 2011 pada:

H a r i : Sabtu s.d. Minggu
Tanggal : 10 s.d. 11 September 2011
Tempat : Hotel UTAMI
Jl. Raya Juanda, Sidoarjo Telp. 031 - 8661912
Check in : Sabtu, 10 September 2011. Pukul 13.00 WIB

Kelengkapan peserta :
  1. SPPD yang telah ditandatangani dan distempel oleh Kepala Dinas Pendidikan Kabupaten/Kota atau Kepala Sekolah, siswa yang bersangkutan;
  2. Surat Tugas dari Kepala Sekolah;
  3. Surat Keterangan sehat dari Dokter;
  4. Surat Izin dari Orang Tua;
  5. Foto copi kartu pelajar;
  6. Pas foto berwarna ukuran 3 x 4 cm sebanyak 2 (dua) lembar (tidak diperbolehkan memakai T-Shirt);
  7. Alat Tulis (termasuk pensil 2B) dan buku-buku penunjang;
  8. Pakaian sekolah, harian dan keperluan pribadi selama mengikuti kegiatan OSN 2011 di Manado.

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My Promotions

My Promotions:
- I intend to be very Web Developer, and are willing to accept the web simple and complex project ..
- I also accept MULTIMEDIA PROJECT such as video, audio, create animation, edit images, etc.
- I was a little child who makes the works Design Graphic ...

If You Need Services As Above Can I Contact via email, yahoo messenger, gtalk, phone calls and sms or meet directly (only in the region of around) ...

Yahoo messenger id: ianjuve
Gtalk Id: ian.juve @
Telephone and SMS: 085645514523
Jump meet: only in the summer
Thank you so much and ....

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My facebook account was disabled

huff ... already about 5 days my account in facebook status to disable ... I think the result because my friend requests often excessive when facilities facebook...
I can't contact and share with my friends about 5 days therefore... I was little dissapointed because it.. I find this far more ways to restore my account to become active again ... Browsing, blogwalking, and chatting ..

Previous to note that we can not use the original Facebook, because Facebook has 13 kinds of rules are and should not be considered play because if we violate it we can facebook account disabled, and 13 kinds of rules will be my opportunity to study in another ;), now I will tell the steps that you can facebook account active again:):

Way is as follows:

1. You must write the words email that aim to be your facebook account can be activated again (but in English) such as for example, I am sorry if I make mistake .... Because I do not read
the rules, I am very sorry about ... ... (well you can forward this yourself;) an important objective is to give the reason that facebook can reactivate your facebook account..

2. After you write those words, you must send an email to the (this is the place to make a complain about something that does not make you a satisfied and akan dibalas response within 24 hours)

3. You must send email again to (as a note to this is the admin account can be switched on facebook or disabled) with words like waiting ago over about 4 days (I switched on again after 4 days disabled :)) I know the wait to 4 days or 1 week duration.

4. After that you will receive an answer like this:

Hi (your name),

Facebook has limits in place to prevent behavior that other users may find annoying or abusive. These limits restrict the rate at which you can use certain features on the site. Unfortunately, we can not provide you with the specific rates that have been deemed abusive.

Your account was disabled because you exceeded Facebook's limits on multiple occasions when sending friend requests, Despite having been warned to slow down.

However, after reviewing your situation, we have reactivated your account, and you should now be able to log in to. Please be aware that if your account is disabled again, we will not be able to reactivate it. Once logged in, please slow down the rate at which you send friend requests. We appreciate your cooperation going forward.

Thanks for your understanding,
Users Operations

5. If answers of you receive email like this then you have facebook account active again: D

Please try this way to reactivate your facebook account;)

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IT Job Info - Vocational High School Graduates

In Bali (2 person)
PHP Programmer Required

  • Male/Female who graduate from Vocational High School
  • Experienced in PHP, MySQL, AJAX and CSS
  • Knowledge the W3C Standards and usage.
  • Training 2-4 weeks in ICT Centre Jakarta
  • Home Office Available
  • Salary Rp 1.500.000,- / month
  • Able to work under pressure and tight deadline
  • Willing to keep on learning and able to work in team
  • Responsible and has initiatives
  • Professional attitude

In Jakarta (1 person)
PHP Programmer Required
  • Male/Female who graduate from Vocational High School
  • Experienced in PHP, MySQL, AJAX and CSS
  • Home Office Available
  • Able to work under pressure and tight deadline
  • Willing to keep on learning and able to work in team
  • Responsible and has initiatives
  • Professional attitude

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UNAS SMK announcement was delayed

9 hours yesterday came to the school (SMK 1 Surabaya) .. early goal to go to school I see is a result of the announcement UNAS ... back and forth to go to save a bank BRI .. (if in the long wait there is reason huhehhe ..) .. promise of school announcements in 12.AM. Showcase hours. sitting together in front of classmates OMI school course while kidding ..:))

tired after waiting until the time dzuhur ... Me and some friends come to direct some of our teachers ask for more, why not also in the announce .. also a little emotional at that time ... to make the anger, there are some teachers who told us a home, be patient and wait to see made on the official school web site ...

I as admin from the school web site is also a bit tired to see the content of messages on my phone from friends who ask when the announce it through the web site .. huff ....

I heard from some of my friends, there is something odd in the announcement of this year ... charge of the city that have not been give to the announcement of this year UNAS SMK ...

I try to browse the internet and find some news, if true the national exam this year in SMK delay because there is a problem ... WIDJIL SAPTADI and Head of Sub Office of Vocational Secondary Education in East Java when a number of journalists also close the mouth as it ..


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Mypage5 - Social web that pay you

that exhausting morning ... wake up from sleep after the capture directly attach laptop to the LAN directly blogwalking expert blogger ... now I learn "play" from their blog ... wahh I see several articles in the blog mas Rizky and find interesting articles about social networking paying .. I tancap directly to the blog .. and authorized the following Earnings FAQ AND RULES them. MyPage5 has a number of member bonuses. These bonuses are there to entice people to use the site as much as possible in order to create social communities and interact with each other.

A summary of bonuses is as follows:

New member sign up with picture: $5.00

If a new member signs up and uploads his/her profile picture at registration, they’ll get this bonus. A picture is a nice touch to a profile so we like members to take time to upload one.

New member sign up without picture: $0.00

Should’ve uploaded the picture

Member Login: 1c

As soon as a member signs into his/her profile page, the reward is this, once daily.

Create blog: 10c

Members will get this bonus every time they contribute a blog to the site. Blogs must be genuine and not copied or contain links to other blogs. You can upload up to ten blogs at a time but, only four will be rewarded or credited to your account.

Blog Comments: 2c

Members are allowed ten blog comments daily on blogs posted by other members.

Upload videos: 15c

Members will get this bonus for every video that they upload to mypage55. Videos will not be offensive in nature and multiple posts of the same video is not allowed. Poor quality and copyright videos will be deleted. Please inspect your work before you post. Mypage5 accepts only five videos upload daily.

Video comment : 2c

Comment on the video you've just watched, not really a bad reward for commenting on a video. Maximum of five video comments daily.

Post classified: 10c

Something for sale? Put it on our classified site and even if it doesn’t sell, you’ll get your reward. Are you a woman looking for a man or a man looking for a woman, our free classified page is your answer. Ten classifieds daily.

Create group: 2c

Create a group to get this bonus. Groups are intended to bring together like minded individuals, work colleagues, school friends or just supporters of the same football team!

Join group/Comment: 2c

If you join any group, comment or contribute to the group topics the above is your reward. five group comments daily!

Invite a friend: $1.00

For every friend that you invite to join MyPage5, you’ll get $1.00. Your friend must register and remain an active member for you to get the reward, other wise the money will be deducted on the pay day. Inviting ghost referral/friend is cheating, this will lead to immediate suspension on account.

Profile comment: 2c

You can comment on members profiles but, no duplicates. Please note: you are allowed to post maximum of ten user profile comments daily. posting of multiple profile comments on one page at the same day is spamming. The punishment ranges from loss of earnings to voiding of account.

Upload photo to album: 2c

Members will get 2c for any of their photos,friends or relations they upload to their profile photo albums. Please Note: duplicate photos, stock photos,Internet photos or any copyright are not allowed.Such pratice will lead to account suspension and revenue loss.Maximum number of photos a member is allowed to upload is 400, any thing above this number will not be paid for.

Photo comment : 2c

Comment on photos you've just looked at, tell us what you think, your reward is the above. Mypage5 allow maximum of five photo comments daily.

Band comment : 2c

Your favourite band? comment on your band and get 2cents reward. five band comments daily.

Profile views: 1c

Members will get 1c every time another member view your profile so please do mypage5 a favour, set up a fantastic and eye-catching profile.

How will I be paid?

MyPage5’s payment method is Paypal, which is an online payment service. Payment is instantaneous and protected against fraud. If a member is not registered with Paypal, a cheque will be sent via the postal service. Please note that Paypal charges a small percentage fee for using their service. MyPage5 has a minimum payment amount of $50.

How do I ensure that I don’t get any money?

If a member is found to be using software or any other fraudulent means of increasing their rewards, MyPage5 will suspend their account and render their rewards null and void. MyPage5 will not hesitate to take legal action and report such individuals to the relevant authorities. Please Note: If you reach your pay-out by referring friends or otherwise but found not to active on mypage5, you will loose your pay-out right, inactive member is of no benefit to mypage5.

When will I get paid?

Mypage5 issues payments one month after you accrue them. For example, earnings you made in March 2009 will be paid in April 30th 2009. If your revenue does not meet the minimum pay out, this revenue will automatically roll over to the following month.

Good luck, stay safe and do not forget to invite your friends.

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